8 Activities to Make You Feel Like a Child Again

Life gets busy, and between work, family commitments, and trying to balance health and ready-made meals, we tend to forget to have fun.

Not the grown-up kind, but the really fun fun that gets you dirty, exhilarates you and absorbs your attention so fully, that you forget to worry if anyone is watching.

So, grab your gumboots and find your inner child with these activities.

Get Yourself Dirty

Remember a time in your life when you weren’t scared of dirt? Weren’t worried about ruining your clothes? Get your self some dirt and some water and make some mud.

Then make mud pies, and mud castles, smear it over your hands (its great for the skin) and if you can get a friend to join you, make some mud missiles and have a mud fight until you are covered from top to toe.

Jump in Puddles

The next time it rains don’t dash inside, rather grab your gumboots, or better yet lose the shoes altogether and go jump in some puddles. You get extra points if your mud arch enemy joins you.

Catch Tadpoles or Bugs or Worms

Whichever it is, grab a jar, get out into the sunshine and catch some creatures. Then, and this is the most important part, marvel at their amazingness. Just don’t forget to release them afterward.

 Go to a Children’s Playground

It is preferable to go with children, but if you don’t have any and your friends don’t have any to loan you, go anyway.

Play on the see-saw, hang on the monkey bars (a splendid work out), and swing on the swings as high as you can without worrying about getting hurt.

A word to the wise, you aren’t as young as you were, so do not jump off you may break something. But if you do, you can enjoy some sports betting NZ while you heal up.

Create a Work of Art with Finger-paint

Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar, ½ a cup of corn-starch, and 2 cups of water. Heat over a medium heat until thick, divide into containers and add desired colouring. But, the real trick to this one, stick your fingers in and start painting while the mixture is still warm.

Blow Bubbles

Go purchase yourself a huge bag of bubble-gum. Not the very grown up chewing gum but the bright pink/blue/yellow kid’s bubble-gum. Stuff so much in your mouth that you can barely chew and blow bubbles. Big, sticky, bubble gum bubbles that get stuck on your nose when they pop. You get bonus points if you do this around your folks.

Play in Water

Any water. Put on the sprinkler and jump around in the spray, have a swim in the pool, but not the kind where you barely splash. Have the kind of swim that leaves more water out the pool than in it.

Pretend to Be a Chipmunk

Have a competition with any willing soul to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth.

Lastly, don’t forget, try not to take life too seriously.