Activities That Have Gone Online

Almost everything that we do today is done using technology. The Dr Seuss books that we read and loved as children are accessible on tablets today, complete with a swiping action on the touchscreen to turn the page. Our kids love the words just as much, but they interact with what has been written and drawn in a completely new way.

The idea of merging old, worthwhile ideas with our brand-new technology is not new, but it is as exciting and important as ever. As parents, this is especially important as we try to equip our children to deal with a world that is constantly developing while we try to keep up with the changes.

Technology impacts every part of our lives including how we interact with our children; if we don’t stay up-to-date, we won’t be living in the same world as them and could find really connecting with them impossible.

As always, and with everything, living with technology is all about balance. Use it to enhance your life, not overwhelm it, and don’t be afraid of learning more about what’s out there. To illustrate this point, we’ve listed a few more areas of life that have moved from offline to online that you probably find very convenient already.

Absolutely Everything Online

Rather than calling to make a reservation at a restaurant, check the movie schedule or order a meal delivery, we hop onto the Internet and do it online. Looking for a recipe? Search for specific chefs or methods online, or browse to see what you can make with the ingredients you have on hand.

Students who need to do research go online instead of checking out reference books from the library, and there are YouTube videos on how to do anything from specialised DIY products to professional-looking makeup application.

The dying art of letter writing has been replaced with emails or ecards, or even in some cases social media. As for television, most people simply tune into streaming networks such as Netflix or Hulu these days. You can come back to your favourite shows whenever you’re ready or able to, and never have to endure advertisement breaks, two very important positive points for any busy parents. Soon we’ll even be able to turn on lights and other appliances remotely, thanks to the Internet of Things.

No more calling your neighbour to nip over and switch on the lights when you’re going to be late!  Playing the pokies New Zealand players love so much is now also possible online, thanks to virtual casinos.

Enhancements, Not Replacements

Along with embracing the changes that all new technology brings, it’s important to remember that there are many things that are simply better in real life.

The fact that it is possible to take an online virtual tour of the Louvre is amazing, and until you can get to Paris it’s a worthwhile way to bring all of that culture into your home, but it will never replace travelling to the City of Love and seeing the magnificent gallery for yourself. Nor, quite frankly, should it.