The Perfect First Pet For Your Kids

Having a pet as a child is a good way to start learning about some of the responsibilities that you will be facing later on in life. Pets provide kids with a different outlook on not just looking after themselves, but also the lives of another, living creature, and many agree that allowing your child to look after a pet is a great way to make them more nurturing, more responsible, and more caring toward animals.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and while the first thought of most parents when it comes to getting an animal is to get a dog or cat. These are find for a certain age group, usually from around 10 onward, but for kids younger than that, smaller, more manageable pets might be better suited for both you, your children, and for your household.

Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from, and while you need some time alone to enjoy some Netflix, computer games, or Australian betting apps, these pets can provide your kids with plenty of entertainment, especially on those rainy days.

Ant Colony

It’s easy enough to buy a self-sustaining any colony from most stores, and they make the perfect first-time pets for young children. It’s a glimpse into a world that many children find fascinating, and since insects are some of the first creatures a child will come across in their life, exposing them to the six-legged ants will allow them to have a better understanding of the outside world and how incredibly diverse it is.

Ant colonies are also extremely easy to manage, and only require food. Otherwise, the ants keep very much to themselves, and provide endless hours of entertainment while also possibly sparking an early interest in biology or science.

Hamsters/Guinea Pigs

Perfect for children from around 7 and older, hamsters and guinea pigs are the perfect fuzzy companions for just about any child. They’re small, adorable, easy to look after, and they don’t make a huge mess. They also provide the first foray into responsibility, and allow your children to learn how to look after other living animals.

This can prepare them for future pets, such as dogs as well as give them a deeper understanding of what it means to have the life of another living being under their care.


This may seem like a surprising suggestion for a first pet, but birds make devoted companions. Not only are they smart enough to learn words, but they’re often friendly, especially if they’re raised from infancy.

They’re also self-sufficient, and only require the right food, fresh fruit and veggies every few days, fresh water, and the odd cage clean every now and again. Birds also come in a vast array of different shapes, sizes, and colours, and some have beautiful singing voices.

They’re entertaining for children of all ages, and thanks to their low management, they can live in just about every room in the house, and even outside if they have a warm, safe enclosure. They can also be taught to sit on your shoulder, where they can come with you or your child during your endeavours.