Crafty Kids Activities

When it’s cold and rainy kids can get really bored, and staying indoors becomes a real chore. But with a little creativity you can turn any rainy day into a fun one!

Streamer maze

If you have a long corridor set up a streamer maze that your kids need to navigate through. It can be as fun to set up as it to complete, and essentially you’ll bring to life the concept of lots of laser beams that need to be avoided in order to make it to the other side safely.

If a streamer breaks, you’ll “set off the alarm” and have to start again!

Easy origami

The art of origami is amazing and simple paper folds can turn a flat page into a frog, a rabbit or a swan. Learn how to make basic folded animals and other objects from paper with your kids, and then decorate your Japanese inspired works of art.

You can sit and watch them or you can play a bit of Blackjack online whole they keep busy.

Rock painting

Painting on pebbles and bigger rocks has become quite trendy, and it is loads of fun too. Choose a few different sized rocks for your kids to paint on, and when the sun is shining again go and hide them in the garden, or in Public Park for someone else to find.

You can also sign up with rock art sites that let you register your rocks and say where you’ve left them, and other people can do the same, making for an interactive rock-swap with an arty angle.

Indoor Olympics

It’s amazing what you can do with washi or masking tape, and taping out a circuit on the floor is a great way to get your kids moving and burn off some excess energy.

You can create hopscotch blocks, tapes jump goals and stepping-stones and you can see who does the circuit the fastest.

Marble runs

Using just about any household equipment, you can create a marble run and see if you can run a marble the whole way.

From building ramps with books to funnels and toilet roll tunnels, there is no limit to how elaborate your marble run can be.

Tin can stilts

All you need for this are two sturdy cans and some string! Simple make holes on either sides of the cans and string the string through, looping into it into a handle.

Then, step up onto the cans and star walking, one stilt-step at a time.

Shadow puppets

Set up a white sheet or find a blank white wall and turn off the light. The start a shadow puppet show!

You can teach your kids how to make different shapes and create a story with them to showcase their newly learnt designs.

Sock puppets

On the subject of puppets, take a few of those odd socks you never know what to do with and turn them into puppets.

You can use wool or string as hair, sew on buttons for eye and noses, and paint or stitch on mouths. Then, do a show!