The Best Kid’s Websites for Educational Fun

We all know that it’s much easier to keep kids entertained on sunny days, but what about on days when it’s just too miserable to even consider venturing outside?

While you probably shudder at the thought of watching Frozen for the 36th time, you’ll be happy to know that this isn’t the only option!

Why not head on over to these fun and educational websites for kids instead? They’ll have plenty of fun and learn something in the process!

Sesame Street

Perfect for younger children, the Sesame Street website offers hundreds of video clips from the famed television programme and games which will help your child learn letters, rhymes, colours, animal sounds and much more – all with the help of the beloved muppets.


Currently celebrating their 17th year online, Starfall is a favourite amongst parents all around the world.

Packed full of educational activities your kids will love, Starfall caters for kids of all ages and will accompany them from letter recognition all the way through to reading comics, plays, and non-fiction.


CoolMath is the self-proclaimed “amusement park of math and more” where kids can play games which assist with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money, and more.

Designed for kids aged 13 years and up, if you’re looking for something suitable for your pre-schooler head to their sister site CoolMath-Games and CoolMath4Kids for your child aged 3-12.

National Geographic for Kids

If your child is curious about the world around them, we suggest heading to National Geographic for Kids immediately.

While you enjoy Lucky Nugget casino Canada, they’ll be able to watch animal cameras, learn interesting facts about their favourite animals, learn about different countries, and get ideas for cool science experiments.

No matter their age, there is something perfectly suited at National Geographic for Kids.

How Stuff Works

Your child likely asks questions which have you stumped on a regular basis. Do you know how tornados are formed, how far away the sun is, or if jellyfish are actually fish? No? Well then we suggest you direct your little one to How Stuff Works.

The website is broken down into categories such as science, technology, nature, culture, and entertainment and has all the answers to the questions which have you scratching your head!

Disney Jr. Educational

If you’re got a fan of Disney on your hands, but don’t want them to simply watch the entire Disney library for entertainment, head on over to Disney Jr. Educational instead.

Packed full of games, videos, and colouring pages, Disney Jr. Education will assist your child with colour matching, hand-eye co-ordination, and other skills essential to developing minds.

Highlights Kids

Brought to you by the magazine currently celebrating over 60 years of entertainment, the Highlights Kids website offers matching games, art activities, science experiments, and animated stories so that you can play, read, and craft with your children while they learn. Veritable masters in fun and educational activities, you can’t go wrong with Highlights Kids.