Fun Festive Season Activities For the Family

In many homes, the festive seasons means families get to spend more time together than they ordinarily would during the year. It can be tricky to find family-friendly activities that will not break the bank, but with our tips, it is not impossible.

You may need to exercise a bit of patience waiting for everyone to agree on one of the following fantastic family activities for the festive season, but it will be worth it in the end.

Make and Decorate

Before we had supermarkets that are flooded with cheap plastic Christmas decorations, families made their own. A wonderful activity for families is to make your own decorations, and then to decorate your tree or home together.

Easy suggestions to start with include festive wreaths and edible decorations. Visit a florist and ask for the items you need, which may include florist’s wire or foam, evergreen greenery, small pinecones, ribbon, and holly leaves and berries. Edible decorations to consider include popcorn garlands you can make by stringing together popped corn with needle and thread. Edible hanging decorations are usually made with a dense, sweet, lightly spiced cookie dough, and then baked.

Local Christmas Festivities

You are sure to find Christmas festivities in your town or city, or in one nearby. Some hold concerts, while others organise carols by candlelight for charity. You may also find nativity plays, festive season light switch-on ceremonies, funfairs, markets, and Santa villages.

Another family activity you can consider doing if you live in a place in which people decorate their front lawns and homes with lights and figures is to go on a neighbourhood tour. Whether you walk or drive, slow down the pace and focus on spending time together. You can put your feet up and play games online while you catch your breath when you get back home.

Festive Food Fun

Gingerbread houses are a tradition in several continental European countries, and one that more and more people are adopting for their festive celebrations. Many bakeries sell the walls and roofs of houses so customers can decorate their own. If you have a small family, you can get one house that you can all decorate together.

If extended family and friends are coming over, why not get several sets of walls and roofs, group people into teams, and offer a prize to the team with the best decorated gingerbread house. Another idea is to set up a hot chocolate buffet. Serve each person a mug of hot chocolate, and the let them choose from a selection of toppings such as marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed honeycomb or candy canes, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, and just about anything else you can come up with.

Pay It Forward

Instil selflessness and a spirit of giving at Christmas by giving to others. If your children are getting toys as gifts, why not ask them to choose a few toys of their own to donate to a charity? You also could find out about your family doing some volunteer work for a charity during the festive seasons.