How To Create The Perfect Safe Space

Sometimes we all like to disappear from the world for a few hours and escape to our safe spaces. These are spaces where we feel comfortable, where we don’t have to answer to anyone or anything for a little while. And this is no different for children: children need a place where they can feel like nothing can happen to them, where they can process the feelings that they have, and sometimes just a place to cool off if they’re feeling particularly upset.

There is a lot of research to back up the notion of creating a safe space, and it might be a good idea to take the time to make a place where your kid or kids can feel safe. This is especially important for children that tend to be a bit more emotional than others and really need a place to process. Thankfully, making a space like this is relatively easy, even more so when we consider the benefits.

Choosing The Space

This is ultimately up to what space is available at the house, and where the kid feels the most comfortable. It can be as simple as choosing their bedroom, or to make a small, enclosed space within their room. The idea is that it needs to be a physically safe place.

One idea is to either make or purchase a small tent that can fit in the corner of their room, where they can keep their most precious belongings and toys, as well as having a place where they can sleep if needed. Maybe it’s out in the backyard, where they have an overgrown but safe corner for them to enjoy.

Calming Tools

Another way to make the space more comforting for your child is by providing some tools and toys for them. Books are the very best place to start, and for younger children, picture books with lots of bright pictures can help a lot when they are having a tough day.

Adding their favourite toys to the space can also be helpful but try and encourage your child to play with toys and tools that provide positivity as much as possible.

The idea here is to help them deal with the big feelings that they might be contending with, sometimes for the first time, and knowing that there’s a place where they can do that in peace is enough of a comfort on its own, while also giving parents some space of their own so they can catch up on chores, read a book, enjoy PGA golf betting, or have a relaxing bath.

Communication Is Important

At the end of the day, this is a place for your child, and they need to have a say in how it’s created and what’s in it.

Remember to talk to them throughout, be patient with them, and if there’s something they want that you don’t agree with, try and reach a mutual outcome in a positive way.