indoor activities - Rainy Days

Keep Yourself Entertained Indoors on Rainy Days

In a country like New Zealand, we have a plethora of outdoor activities perfect for sunny days, and we have many of those, too. Even so, which Kiwi doesn’t know the experience of longing for a much-needed day off, and waking up in the morning to find that the extended weather forecast checked a few days ago was nothing but a bald-faced lie?

Nothing issues an entertainment challenge quite like a rainy day, whether you were expecting it or not. Here are a few of my favourite indoor recreational activities for rainy days.

Take a look, and hopefully you will be inspired the next time it rains and pours and old men snore.

Rediscover Indoor Activities Favourite Games

Not all that long ago, a Saturday afternoon of rain left me twiddling my thumbs. There was only so much watching raindrops slide down the windowpanes I could do, so I went rummaging through a few forgotten boxes at the back of the storeroom – and there it was, the chess set I received as a gift when I learned to play 20-something years ago.

I invited a friend who plays to join me, and spent a fantastic few hours rediscovering a game for which I suddenly had a whole new appreciation.

If you have a board game you haven’t played in years, consider digging it out and getting family members or friends to join you for some good old-fashioned gaming. If that’s not possible, you could consider finding games such as online pokies NZ to play on computer or mobile.

Go 10 Pin Bowling – In the Hallway

A fun way to beat the blues of a rainy day is to go 10 Pin bowling in the comfort of your own home. When I realised our hallway makes the perfect alley, all I needed was a ball and pins.

Not being an avid bowler, I don’t have the requisite paraphernalia stashed at the back of my wardrobe (or anywhere else). Would getting it be a problem? Not when there were a few empty plastic bottles in a kitchen cupboard.

I weighted them down with uncooked rice, packed them in a V-shape at the far end of the hallway, found a tennis ball, and called the kids. Goodbye rainy day boredom!

indoor activities - ten pin bowling - recreation for rainy days

Get Crafty on Rainy Days

I’m a keen gardener, and love spending hours in the veggie patch on a sunny day. When a friend showed off her holiday scrapbook, I wondered if that wasn’t a way for me to bring my love of gardening indoors when the weather puts an end to plans of a few hours in the patch.

I visited a craft shop and found a few odds and ends that could work in a scrapbook, in preparation for the next rainy day.

I didn’t have to wait too long, and got to work on what I now call the Patch on Paper. Let’s just say that the notes I’ve been making are much more colourful and fun than ever before.

Have Fun in the Kitchen

Few Kiwis can resist freshly-baked cake or biscuits, and there is no reason you need to wait for a special occasion to indulge. A rainy day is occasion enough.

Have a flick through your favourite recipe book, ring up your granny and ask her for the recipe of those biscuits you loved as a child, or trawl the internet for quick and easy recipes. Have fun in the kitchen – it’s the closest you could get to having your cake and eating it.