Keeping Yourself Entertained Indoors

Keeping Yourself Entertained Indoors

Fun Things to do Indoors

If you’re stuck in your home bored, instead of deep cleaning the bathroom with your ex’s toothbrush, why not try one of my top five favourite fun things to do indoors.

Number five:

One of my favourite things to do when the boredom strikes (and the wifi is down) is to turn my flat into a Rube Goldberg machine. Think Dominos but using house hold objects to create the chain reaction.

The Rube Goldberg can keep you occupied FOREVER, as you try figure out what will make the most complicated and totally unnecessary mechanism work to perform a single simple task.

Number four:

Make something, make anything. When I recently moved into my new flat I may have gone a bit crazy with the contact paper. Pinterest challenged me to a dual of DIY and I very nearly won  (I lie, I was actually very far away from winning, I wasn’t even in the race).

But my formerly plain white kitchen wall looks fantastic covered in little grey triangles, very pin worthy. And my bathroom countertop is now “marble”, looks good.

My next project is the 70’s purple check linoleum floors – I want to rip it out and burn it in the fires of hell! But my landlord might get upset.

Number Three

Have a themed dinner party – Maybe pick a movie or a book and all the dinner guests show dressed up in character and must stay in character.

Picking the theme can be a group choice, maybe it’s the current book in your book club or maybe it’s the cheesiest romance novel you could find. You may even be inspired by real money slots as there are so many different themes and genres out there!

Or what about a Movie vs book theme? Each side has to show up with details only found in their genre at

Number Two

Grow something – I grew up on a farm and yet a green thumb I do not have. After moving to the city and killing about 15 different plants, I had given up on the green stuff.

But moving into my own little place recently, I tried again but smarter – succulents! I have slowly filled my entire kitchen and bathroom window sills with succulents! These little suckers almost thrive on my constant neglect and forgetfulness.

Now and then when washing dishes or brushing my teeth I remember that they should have some water in them, but otherwise they are super low maintenance and look just fabulous.

The fun is the time I spend arranging the little guys and maybe putting them on insta, think Zen garden but less forced calmness and more visual eye candy.

Number one:

My favourite thing to do is to hide my money from myself…no really. After enjoying a random dinner party or night out I spend the rest of the tipsiness hiding my money (in my home, not in the taxi on the way home).

And yes this was originally from being very much not sober and keeping my money “safe”, but now it’s for fun.

Imagine finding some money a month down the road in the pocket of your third favourite jeans? Or finding a tenner at the back of your underwear drawer? Bonus! At least you’re not spending on take away or tequila right?

Hot tip: do not hide money in the chimney #justsaying