Finding The Best Modern Board Games To Play

We’ve all had those days where the weather has forced us to stay inside. For most people this also usually means a day spent on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, but this wasn’t always the case. For decades, parents and children enjoyed the thrill of board games; not only do they provide tons of fun, but can assist in educational development as well as being a bonding experience.

Most people today would roll their eyes at the suggestion of a board game – especially when they can just as easily load up a YouTube video to watch. But sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break from all the technology. The big screens, flashing lights, and overwhelming amounts of media like online pokies NZ that can often do more harm than good, especially for the younger children out there.

A big misconception among many concerning board games is that they’re often boring, and don’t provide the same stimulation as what you’d find on a computer. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and there are, in fact, plenty of modern games to choose from that can provide endless hours of entertainment.

5. Game of Thrones

This massively popular TV series has seen a huge variety of offshoots that extend into various other types of media. One of these is board games, and the Game of Thrones game in particular is definitely worth checking out.

Far from being a cheap knock-off, this is a game that brings to life the books and the series, and while not suitable for many children as the series is geared toward adults, it’s a good way to spend an evening with some friends.

4. Trajan

This game gives players the chance to learn about the Ancient Romans, while also providing some interesting gameplay.

The aim of the game is to try and gain power the same way the Romans did: through military, politics, and trading. Using these methods, players need to try and rise above their opponents.

3. Amerigo

Using some interesting props that add lots of variety to the game, Amerigo succeeds as an experience in exploration, where the players need to sail around the ocean to discover to lands and more.

2. Ticket To Ride

One of the older games on the list, Ticket To Ride should be part of any board game collection, and is suitable for the entire family. The goal here is to try and use your train to get around the cities on the map while also attempting to block other players from doing the same thing.

The competitive nature of the game means that players will soon start doing what they can to undermine their opponents. This is an easy game to learn and provides tons of replay value.

1. Euphoria

This is definitely one for adults and older kids and teenagers, but it’s also one of the most thought provoking, and requires a fair amount of strategy.

Every player has a set amount of workers, which they use to try and claim cities and artefacts while also impeding the progress of the other workers.