The Best PS Games For Children

Video games are often demonised for being violent and potentially harmful to children, and while there might be some truth to these kinds of statements, it also means lumping all games into the same category.

In reality, there are thousands upon thousands of different video games, and only a small percentage of them are graphically violent or disturbing.

For those parents that have a PlayStation at home and are wondering which games are safe for their young kids to play without being exposed to disturbing material, keep reading to find out which games are best.


Although it was originally released in 2009, Minecraft remains one of the world’s most popular games around. And it’s not hard to see why; with an almost endless sandbox playstyle, it’s a great game for letting a kid release their imagination in a safe and protected way. Minecraft can be played both offline and online, but it’s worth making sure that the online server being played on is kid friendly.

The game is available on the PlayStation 5, and despite its relatively cheap price, it can offer an almost countless number of hours of fun. Even better is that it’s possible to play on the same game together, making for a great family activity.


The Overcooked series has become known for being lots of fun to play, but also extremely chaotic at times. Players take on the roles of chefs that need to try and fill orders within time limits while working together as best as they can.

There are plenty of challenges that players need to learn to overcome together, and due to the fact that the kitchen is constantly shifting and throwing out difficult orders, players need to concentrate throughout. And although it can be frustrating, it’s a fun and rewarding game that’s friendly for the whole family, but better suited for older kids.

Plants vs. Zombies

A classic title that has been around for many years and has released several sequels, all of which are worth playing, Plants vs. Zombies is simple in its premise but provides many hours of entertainment. Here, players will need to use a variety of different plants to try and keep the zombie horde at bay. The game is incredibly light-hearted but challenging enough that there’s always an opportunity to try and do better with every round.

With its cartoony graphics, simple but fun gameplay, and plenty of unlocks and achievements to gain along the way, it’s a must for anyone that wants something wholesome for their kids to play, although it might not be as rewarding for adults that prefer real money pokies.

Ratchet & Clank

The Ratchet & Clank series has been around for years and has earned a name for itself as a true PlayStation classic. The current iteration, dubbed Rift, is available on the PlayStation 5, and comes with all the fun of the originals, except with better graphics and more fluid controls.

The characters are likeable, the violence is minimal, and it offers a fascinating world for a kid to explore.