The Most Popular Online Pastime Ever: Slots

While the internet is a veritable playground of all things entertainment and distraction, there is one pastime which is easily the most popular one of all: online slots. With such a wide variety of different online slots to enjoy – the best online casinos will have hundreds of variations – there truly is something for everyone. No matter your budget or amount of free time available, there is an online slot for you.

Here we discuss the different types of online slots, the range of themes you can expect to come across, as well as some handy tips to increase your chances of online slots success.

Different Types of Online Slots

Traditional slots: also known as classic slots, these are usually 3-reeled slots that use fruit, bars, and diamonds are symbols, and are generally very light on bonus features.

3-Reel Slots: an online slot with 3 reels.

5-Reel Slots: an online slot with 5 reels.

Video slots: these look more like video games and have cut scenes, animations, and bonus rounds which all make these much more fun to play.

3D Slots: these look just like video slots, but all the graphics and animations are in 3D. Don’t worry, you don’t need 3D glasses!

Progressive Slots: online slots which have massive jackpots you could win by betting the minimum amount and hitting the winning combination. The jackpot grows every time you spin the reels as a portion of your bet is added to the total. Progressive are a casino NZ favourite!

Fixed Jackpot: most online slots have fixed jackpots which do not grow or change no matter how many people play.

Penny Slots: online slots which can be played for as little as 1c per line per spin, and all online penny slots have multiple paylines which can be activated.

Dollar Slots: these require a minimum bet of $1 per spin, per payline. These generally have fewer paylines than penny slots which means fewer chances of hitting a payout, but the payout percentages are much higher.

High Limit Slots: these are the same as the online slots mentioned above, apart from the fact that you can bet much higher – anywhere from $100 to $100,000 per spin.

Mobile Slots: these are slots which can be enjoyed from your mobile phone.

Amazing Variety of Online Slots Themes

The types of online slots is just the beginning of the decision making process as each slot machine has its own theme as well! Combine these themes with the different types of slots and you suddenly have hundreds, if not thousands, of different online slots to choose from and we haven’t even considered the number of software providers.

Here are some of the most common online slots themes:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Celebrities
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Video Games
  • Pop Culture
  • Game Shows
  • Superheroes
  • Horror
  • Retro
  • Pirates
  • Romance
  • Wild West
  • Sports
  • Money
  • Ancient Lands
  • Action
  • Fairy Tales
  • Food
  • History
  • Mystery

Handy Tips for Increased Success

  • Play for fun and don’t take it too seriously
  • Join the customer rewards programme for exclusive offers
  • Practise intelligent bankroll management
  • Play slowly