Lotto UK

What Are The Odds Of Winning the UK National Lottery?

Currently, lotto players have a one in 13,983,815 shot of picking the jackpot lotto numbers correctly. This is quite favourable odds as compared to, for instance, the EuroMillions odds of 116,531,800 to 1.

What Is Online Lotto UK?

Online lotteries are a fairly recent development where players can purchase digital lottery tickets. They also offer additional services like organising lottery syndicates and facilitation international lottery ticket purchases.

How Can I Win The Lotto UK?

There is no sure fire way to pick or predict the lotto numbers. The best way to increase your chances of winning is to make use of lotto syndicates. This is where a group of friends or social acquaintances all pool their resources to purchase lotto tickets.

All players share the same lotto tickets and in doing so each player has better odds of being a winner. All winning jackpots are shared amongst all the players.

How is Lotto UK Money Spent?

The funds generated by the UK National Lotto are carefully divided amongst winners, charities and other relevant stakeholders. Of every £1 that is spent in the UK lottery, 50p will go towards the prize money fund for any winning tickets.

28p of that £1 will go towards funding and contributing to various charitable organisations support by the Lotto fund. 5p of the £1 goes to the UK government as a lottery tax.5p is kept by the Camelot Group who runs the UK national lottery.

This money goes towards administration and operation costs. Another 5p of the £1 goes to the lotto retailers that sell the National Lottery tickets. The final 5p is divided up as 4.5p contributing towards operating costs and 0.5p is taken as profits.

Can You Purchase International Lotto In UK?

Players can take part in international lotteries like the EuroMillions and the Italian Super Lotto. In order to take part in these lotteries, you will need to make use of an online lottery service. These websites will purchase your lotto ticket in the country of origin, providing you with a digital scan of the original ticket.

It should be noted that many lotteries may require you to collect winnings in person with proof of identification. Additionally, playing the Euro million lotteries actually gives you lower odds of winning as compared to the UK National lottery. Additionally, the UK national Lottery makes contributions to local and international charity organisations so even when you don’t win, your money will go to a good cause.

Are Lotto Winnings Taxed In UK?

Winnings from the UK National Lottery are not taxed if you are a UK citizen. A small percentage of the lottery money you use to purchase your ticket does go to the government as a lottery tax, but you are not obligated to contribute any amount to the government as an additional Lotto Tax.

Smaller lotto wins are paid in a lump sum, but pay outs of over £50 000 will require you to contact and consult with the UK National Lottery.

How Long Is A Lottery Ticket Valid?

The UK National Lottery ticket is valid for 180 days. You must claim your winnings in that time. If you are playing online or international lotteries, then this figure can vary. Any unclaimed monies will be donated to charitable organisations.

How to win at Keno

Winning Keno Tips for NZ Players

Playing Keno is as simple and straight-forward as casino games come, but no one ever said it would be easy to win! Keno is a bit like trying to win the lottery – you pick numbers and hope they’re winners. However, what most Keno players in New Zealand don’t know is that there are tips and strategies that you can employ to increase your chances of winning.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll win, if you use our tips you will definitely increase your chances of doing just that.

Finding the Winning Online Casino

Before we can discuss winning Keno strategy, you will need to find an online casino open to players in New Zealand. A key strategy to finding the best online casino is to remember that not all online casinos are created equal. There may be plenty to choose from, but this doesn’t mean they are all worth your time and money.

Before selecting an online casino, whether it’s through adverts or word of mouth, do plenty of your own research, as online casino review sites exist for this precise reason. Once you’re satisfied with your choice, create an account, make your first deposit, and then take advantage of the lucrative sign up bonuses that you will be afforded. These sign up bonuses will essentially double your bankroll, supercharging your Keno play.

How Many Keno Numbers?

While there is no right answer when it comes to deciding on how many Keno numbers to pick, there are some basic principles which should be kept in mind. The more numbers you pick, the better your chances of winning are. If you pick 5 or 15 winning number versus 1, the potential winnings will be much higher, but so could the potential losses.

The key is to find the happy medium where you win little bits over time, rather than winning or losing one big amount. At the very least you want to break even.

A Smart Keno Bet

When starting out an online casino open to players in New Zealand, take a look at the online casino Keno payout table, as this will reveal some good bets. Even though the Keno board is made up of 80 numbers in total, most online casinos will only allow you to choose up to 15 numbers at a time. If you pick between 7 and 11 numbers, you will need 3 successful matches to break even. This strategy will at the very least help you get back your buy-in, as it’s easier to match 3 out of 11, than 3 out of 7.

In the long run, it makes more sense to pick 11 out of a possible 7, 8, 9 or 10 as the odds are greater of getting back your buy-in and the potential winnings are that much greater as well.

Which Numbers to Pick

As with any other online casino game, random number generator (RNG) software is used, so it honestly makes no difference which numbers you choose. Each number has as good a chance of winning as the next, so have fun when choosing your numbers. Why not choose a Keno theme for every day of the week? If you played birthday dates on Monday, why not choose telephone numbers on Tuesdays or the numbers that just pop into your head on Wednesday? With so much to choose from, the options are limitless. You could even try your hand at playing the same numbers every day and see how that works out.

Online Casino Games

Why Playing Online Casino Games is Better than Playing in Land-Based Casinos

The big question today is why playing online casino games is better than playing in land-based casinos.


One of the main reasons why playing online casino games is better that playing in land-based casinos is convenience.  Playing online casino games means playing anytime and anywhere.  There is no need to travel long distances to find a land-based casino or worry about what to wear or where you are going to stay.  Many players also do not live close to a land-based casino and getting there would possibly mean a costly commute by car or even by air.  Playing casino games at a land-based casino can be a great experience, but is not something that most people can afford.

Learn to Play New Games

Another factor to consider why playing online casino games is better than playing in land-based casinos is the chance to learn or try out new games.  This is much easier when playing online as most online casinos will offer players the chance to play these games for free or in demo mode, giving players the opportunity to make mistakes or try out new strategies without losing any real money.  A mistake at a land-based casino will cost real money.  Some land-based casinos do offer classes for some of the casino games but players will often have to pay for these and it takes time out their day when they could rather be playing.  Playing for free also allows players to familiarise themselves with all of the different types of casino games and this option is not available at a land-based casino.

More Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are another reason why playing online casino games is better than playing in land-based casinos.  Most land-based casinos will offer promotions in some form, such as free accommodation or meals but these are not always easy to come by.

Land-based casinos do not offer welcome bonuses that online casinos do and these are often very generous.  Online casinos also offer other bonuses and promotions such as free spins for players playing pokies or loyalty and VIP bonuses for long time players.  Online slots Canada casinos may also offer free cash prizes or other promotions in the form of give aways for playing certain games as well as special mobile offers.

Lower Overheads Mean Higher Payouts

Online casinos can afford to offer higher payout rates and this is another reason why playing online casino games is better than playing in land-based casinos.  Land-based casinos have higher overhead costs while online casinos do not have such high overheads.  Online casinos can afford to put more money back into the pool, which means they are in a better position to offer promotions and prizes and higher jackpots.  Online casinos also have a bigger network that makes progressive jackpots much larger.

Wider Range of Games

Online casinos offer players a bigger variety of games and is another reason why playing online casino games is better than playing in land-based casinos.  Land-based casinos have limited floor space and can only offer a limited range of games while online casinos can offer a range of games from table and card games to a variety of pokies.

These are just a few reasons why playing online casino games is better than playing in land-based casinos.  Online casinos offer players the convenience of being able to enjoy a greater variety of games, bonuses and larger jackpots.


Mobile pokies real money

An Overview of Mobile Pokies Real Money Games

One of the biggest drawcards for mobile pokies players from New Zealand is that they provide a fun and rewarding gaming experience that offers them a chance of winning real money. The rise of the online casino industry has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. The industry is a dynamic and fast-paced one, and as such a huge number of established online casino sites have recognised the importance of staying relevant and capitalised on the market by designing online casino sites that specifically operate on a range of mobile platforms.

There are a few different ways New Zealand residents can win playing mobile pokies. Real money is up for grabs here folks, so if you’re new to the scene, its best to understand the ins and outs of the industry before getting started to make sure that you have the best gaming experience possible.

The Rise of Mobile Casinos

Irrespective of whether you prefer Android over Apple, few can deny that smartphones have cemented themselves as an integral part of our daily lives. By some estimates, the number of smartphone users will grow to 5 billion in 2017. The industry is by all accounts a progressive and dynamic one and will continue to rapidly change as new devices, technologies and services enter the mobile market. More and more users are accessing the internet from their mobile devices, so it makes sense for online casinos to design mobile friendly sites and release dedicated mobile apps.

Some of the most popular online casino games include Black Jack, poker, keno and mobile pokies. Real money jackpots, striking graphics, animation and sound, as well as interactive game play are just a few great reasons to start playing online casino games on your smartphone.

Advantages of Mobile Pokies and Casino Games

There are many factors to take advantage of, especially for those who are fans of mobile pokies. Real money online pokies payouts and bonuses being two of the most obvious reasons. With the frenetic pace of modern day life, convenience is king- and that’s exactly what mobile casinos provide. You can access a wide range of casino games anytime, anywhere by simply pulling your smartphone out of your pocket. All you need is access to the internet and have enough battery time.

Getting Started

There are two primary ways to getting your smartphone set up and ready for mobile pokies. Real money jackpots are what you want to ultimately get your hands on, so make sure you consider all your options before deciding on a particular way forward.

The first way to start your mobile pokies real money making adventure is by downloading a dedicated app. Make sure that the app you download is compatible with your smartphone and that you can play with real money as not all mobile apps provide this option.

The second option is to access the online casino site by using your smartphone’s browser and loading the mobile version of the site. The advantage of this is that it lets players avoid having to download and install large mobile applications that make use of a lot of data and take up a lot of space on your smartphone.

Mobile Pokies

Mobile Pokies for New Zealand’s Players

Mobile Pokies are able to offer New Zealand players a very unique array of great game titles, different game types, huge payouts and a far better chance of hitting a big jackpot than the one brick and mortar casinos are able to offer.

Mobile Pokies provide for every kind of playing style, and will suit players who like traditional, 3-reel games as well as those that prefer the more elaborate formats that offer video game-styled entertainment. There are also a range of Welcome Bonuses on offer at the various casinos offering these games, and the Pokies for mobile play will generally be able to supply 100% to the requirements attached to these.

Both free and real money versions are on offer, and players can take a title for a test-spin in order to ensure they will enjoy the game before committing any of their hard-earned money for a chance to win.

Getting Started with Mobile Pokies

Even total beginners will be able to enjoy Mobile Pokies and take full advantage of the brilliant bonus features, fantastic free spins, and exhilarating entertainment these games are able to provide.

Pokies offer inspired bonus rounds that are able to multiply players’ winnings while offering fun play, and advanced players are invited to push their luck with the high-volatility games on offer.

Modern Technology Enhances Mobile Pokies Play

Thanks to the leaps and bounds with which modern technology has advanced in recent years, the style and sophistication of Mobile Pokies has to be experienced to be believed. Not only are the game features, animations, graphics and jackpots increasing in quality and size with every passing year, so are the ease and accessibility of the various types and titles.

Progressive Jackpot Titles for a Life-Changing Win

While there are as many Ways to Win as there are games when it comes to Mobile Pokies, the largest jackpots are those which are set up as Progressive. These Pokies games make jackpots available which grow gradually, or progressively, as each individual player anywhere in the world accesses the game and adds to the prize pool.

Mobile Pokies progressive jackpots are famous for growing to absolutely extraordinary amounts, and will simply continue to rise until a lucky player hits and takes home his or her real money win.

Different Formats for Pokies Games

3-reel pokies are known as classic, or traditional, real money pokies games, and these will very closely resemble the games players would generally find in pubs. They feature a single payline, for the simplest play, and are the easiest, oldest version of this great game.

The symbols in use for 3-reel pokies will usually be brightly coloured fruit, and players will simply need to match these up along the one payline in order to receive their real money reward.

5-reel pokies are the more modern versions of the game, and they are popular thanks to the interesting, innovative themes on which they are based, as well as the fact that they offer more Ways to Win for the player to enjoy. Many of these games take popular films and television shows for their themes, and are able to provide an enjoyable twist to subjects with which the player is already familiar.

Stanley Cup

Ice Hockey Wagers and the Stanley Cup

The game of Ice Hockey is pretty recognisable on the whole and one that whether punters have actually played it or not, will likely appeal to the sportsman in all of us as it does tend to highlight some of the more physical aspects of these crafts. Largely due to its unique gameplay and rather aggressive style of play amongst other factors, the whole process is rather engaging for the fans, the players and of course the punters looking to hazard a few bets in and around the icy action. Top methods for accessing and manipulating these betting possibilities online involve a fair degree of research into the topic at hand, which in this case also revolves around the Stanley Cup, a top league event in this ice hockey sport.

As has been mentioned before and will undoubtedly be mentioned again, there is a fair bit of experimenting that the punters should and can perform regardless of whether or not they know a fair bit about the betting and sports scene. This is because certain factors change now and then, the game itself and the players involved also change from time to time and this all affects the betting itself, so players should ideally follow up on Stanley Cup league’s latest events where possible in this regard.

Getting Hands on with the Sports Betting

There are truly a wide variety of sports available across the globe and for each and every one it is very likely that there is a form of betting available to the punters that follow or are in some way familiar with each sport. Now with the internet so easily reached from around the world this sort of betting market has only expanded and effectively allows punters from anywhere on the globe to find the betting options they want. This sports betting journey takes a look at the sport of Ice Hockey and more particularly the NHL and their Stanley Cup league tournament.

As punters begin to get excited about the possibilities at hand they must first take stock of the betting scene in and around the game of Ice Hockey. Since the sports themselves shape their own betting systems the same applies to Ice Hockey and the Stanley Cup and so the resulting betting in place is along the same structural lines as the game itself and so can accommodate most every bet the punters can imagine for the game.

Information on the NHL and Stanley Cup

For most of it punters look toward large sporting events for betting options because of the support, viewership and overall interest that these larger tournaments imbue, making the betting available online just that little bit smoother and easier to pick up. However the Stanley Cup is not a tournament strictly speaking and instead acts as the National Hockey League playoff winner competition, meaning that the event itself takes place across a decent period of the year and only culminates once the top two teams play each other. This offers a good deal more time to get in on Ice Hockey betting online and learn about the players and teams involved.


Place Soccer Bets Online with Ease

Soccer is without a doubt the most popular ball sport throughout the world. Billions tune in to watch the FIFA World Cup every four years, and in hundreds of countries, including Brazil, South Africa, England and Mexico, Soccer inspires a following that is akin to a religion.

Although millions of fans enjoy Soccer purely for the love of the game, the sport also offers myriad betting opportunities for those with more of a financial interest. These range from the simple, such as which side will win the game, to the complex, such as when the first goal will be scored, and by whom. Soccer pools and land-based betting have long been allowed in some countries that don’t permit other forms of gambling, and online sports betting sites now give anyone with a computer or mobile device instant access to all the Soccer betting they could wish for.

Simple Premise Leads to Endless Variety

One of the things that make Soccer so popular, especially among low-income fans, is how little you need to enjoy the game. As long as they have a ball and a means to mark out a pitch with goals, Soccer can be played from the slums of Rio to the kibbutz’s of Israel. Thanks to worldwide television coverage and dedicated sports channels, even the poorest children can be inspired to dream by watching the world’s most talented players on the finest pitches, which has been the motivation for quite a few rags-to-riches transformations.

Despite the simplicity underlying the game, which is mirrored in rules that are generally easy to follow, the Offside Law excluded, it can also be the setting for immense complexity. The format of Soccer encourages players to develop the game’s primary skill: controlling a ball using any part of the body except the hands. After years of practice, talented players can perform wizardly feats, using only the same tools and rules that apply equally to a weekend-only player.

Enjoying the Social Aspects while Betting

Because it is so well loved among so many different demographics across all levels of society, Soccer is also an immensely social game to watch and bet on. Fans will usually have a favourite local team, as well as an international side that they support, plus their own national teams. Some enter into rivalries with the fans of opposing teams with as much intensity as the players on the pitch display.

Sports betting online adds an extra spur to that good-natured rivalry. Friends who support opposing teams can not only organise soccer parties to watch the game, they can also use their mobile devices to place bets while the Soccer is in progress. So depending on the outcome, their bragging rights might be augmented with a nice windfall too.

Live Streaming Enhances the Betting Possibilities

Many mobile soccer betting sites now live-stream Soccer matches as they happen. So punters can follow the game on the same page that they place their bets. This means they can follow the progress of the game and place additional bets where possible; for example, picking the first team to score in the second half.

Combining home comforts, or the attractions of a sports bar, with the thrills of Soccer, along with the chance to make a little profit from the game, has to be one of the top recreational pursuits available. Online betting lets Soccer fans get in on the action anytime.

Dragon Island

Dragon Island Slot Game Has Stunning Graphics

In most of the diverse cultures of the world, there are legends about the mythical creature called a dragon. Sometimes he is portrayed as a fearsome creature, breathing fire and terrifying everyone in the neighbourhood, and in other cultures he is a symbol of good luck and good fortune. Net Entertainment has combined all these properties in their dragons of Dragon Island. The art work in this slot game is well designed and very attractive. The background shows rocky mountains and a waterfall, and the reels on the screen are framed in stacked stones with leaves and other greenery entwined around them.

Win Both Ways Feature

Dragon Island has five reels and fifteen pay lines, and together with the bonus rounds and free spins rounds also features a Win both Ways innovation which allows you to decide whether the wins you make should be paid out from left to right or from right to left. This obviously doubles your chances of winning big prizes. There are ten bet levels available in Dragon Island slots at Canadian mobile casinos.

The main characters in the slot game are five dragons, all beautifully drawn in great detail. The dragon with the lowest value is a purple dragon with horns, and this is followed by a blue sea serpent curling up out of the sea. Then comes a green dragon with long fangs, and after that a fire breathing brown dragon with scales, and the dragon with the highest value is a golden monster rising from the flames. You will also see the traditional playing cards from nine and ten to the ace, that represent the lowest value symbols, and drawn to look like carved stone.

Wilds with Different Functions

There are different Wild symbols in Dragon Island. There is a winged green Dragon and an Expanding Wild which can appear on a random reel when you are playing the Free spins bonus round, and a Golden Dragon Wild. The Scatter symbol is a Volcano. The Golden Wild only appears when the Win Both Ways feature has been activated. The Green Wild is also the Wild symbol that can replace all other symbols when you are forming a winning combination, apart from the Scatter, and when it does form part of a winning combination, all your wins will be multiplied by two. The Golden Wild also cannot replace the Scatter symbol in a winning sequence, but contains a random multiplier that can increase your wins by a multiplier of two up to eight.

Free Spins Round with Multipliers

Landing three or more of the erupting Volcano Scatter symbols anywhere on any of the five reels will activate the free spins bonus round. When you are playing the free spins round a tribal drum will be heard playing. Three Scatter symbols will give you ten free spins with a three times multiplier, and four will give you twenty free spins with a ten times multiplier. Five Volcano Scatters appearing on the reels will give you an impressive fifty free spins with a great multiplier of one hundred. Any wins you may make in the Free Spins feature will be doubled. The Expanding Wild can show up on a random reel before any free spin.

Dragon Island has a wide range of betting combinations which you can change with every spin if you want to. Every control button is clearly marked. You have an Autoplay button that will allow you to spin a number of rounds automatically.

Dragon Drop

Dragon Drop Slots Shows Some Little Flying Dragons

Dragon Drop is a slot game by NextGen, and all the action takes place in the old days of medieval tales, of dragons pillaging the farms of the local peasants and preying on the sheep and other animals in the fields.

The background to Dragon Drop shows the lush green fields of the peasant farmers on a sunny day, with a windmill in the distance, and the foreground covered with multi coloured flowers. You will hear the sounds of birds, and see a big green round bellied dragon on the left of the reels. There is a pretty cute little dragon flying above, showing what the Dragon Drop may consist of.

Dragon Drop offers plenty of great rewards and bonuses, and can even be played on a mobile device, whether Android or Blackberry smart phone and tablet.

Five Matching Symbols Will Give Great Prizes

The Dragon is the Wild symbol, and as such can replace any other symbol when you form a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol. There are also the standard playing cards that represent the lower value symbols in Dragon Drop, from the Nine and Ten to the Ace. Five matching symbols of the cards will earn you between five and two hundred times your initial stake. If you find five of the fluffy Sheep symbols you will win 250 times your stake, and you will earn the same reward for finding five of the Peasant Farmers wearing their buckets for helmets, and carrying pitchforks for weapons against the Dragons. There are some local Castles too, and fining five of them can award you a large prize of five hundred times your stake. Finding five Treasure Chests will give you the highest reward, however, and you will win five thousand times your initial wager at Canadian online casinos.

If you land five of the Wild Dragons on reels two, three and four, and you will initiate the Wild Bonus round. If you find two Scatter symbols you will be rewarded with double your initial stake. If you find three Scatters you will be awarded five times your first wager, ands finding four Scatters will award you an amount twenty times your initial stake. Five Scatter symbols on the reels will reward you with a great one hundred times the amount you first wagered.

Free Spins and Sticky Wilds

Three Scatter symbols appearing will also award you eight free spins in the Sticky Dragon Bonus round, and if any of the Wilds appear during the free spins round, the Sticky Dragons will remain there throughout all the free spins games.

Dropping Dragons

The cute little dragons you see at the top of the reels will initiate the Dropping Dragon bonus round by dropping randomly on to the reels, and when they land they will change the random symbols into a Wild Dragon symbols, giving you lots more chances for big wins.

NextGen has also included in Dragon Drop a gamble feature. After every win, you can click the gamble button and try this feature. If you can guess the colour of the next random playing card you will have your winnings doubled. If you can guess the suit of that card, your winnings will be quadrupled.

Delaware Usurps New Jersey as First State to Allow Online Gaming

Delaware Usurps New Jersey as First State to Allow Online Gaming

The legitimacy of online casino play throughout the world is gradually increasing. Perhaps the country with the most issues regarding online casino play, the USA, has also slowly been coming online. The land-based casino consortiums’ resistances that have effectively managed to keep the online casino competition to a minimum are gradually being overcome. Online casino regulation is being considered in numerous states, and the consensus is that this will gradually increase over time.

One state that has been lobbying consistently for allowing regulated casino gambling is New Jersey. Many people in the USA had expected New Jersey to become the first state to be fully regulated, but in a surprising move Delaware usurps New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming. This took the system unawares, but Delaware rushed the proposals through and managed to make it happen. With regulation being considered in multiple states, the world that has ignored stories of USA states and online gaming is going to have to look again, because this trend looks set to increase.

The Online Casino Conundrum

Now that Delaware usurps New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming, this means that Delaware is the first state to offer full regulated online casino play, apart from poker. This news, on top of it all, comes a full month ahead of the expected New Jersey announcement. Before this stark announcement, the only other state to offer any sort of online gambling was Nevada.

However, if one were to look at the situation carefully, there would really be no need for surprise. Not only has it taken the US states incredibly long to get this process underway, and their legal system laborious enough to make watching paint dry seem like high action by comparison, but Delaware was already the first state to pass any regulation law, even if it was nary a year before the ruling and act became official and things started moving. But finally they did.

Casino Play in the USA

The way things are unfolding in the US with respect to all things political, the rest of the world continues to watch with increasing pity as state governments decide to take a hands-on approach to casino play in their region. The legislation is great news for a casino operator in Delaware as they have been granted basically exclusive rights to casino game provision in the state. The casino 888 Holdings, although a familiar name to casino players from normal countries, is set to be the sole provider of this form of entertainment to Delaware residents.

Critics of the Delaware legislation appeared as soon as Delaware usurped New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming. These critics are not against gambling, but rather more concerned that Delaware is too small and insignificant to sustain online gaming operations. Delaware ranks 45th out of the 50 states in terms of population, and is the state forgotten third most when trying to list all the states, but it does have a million permanent residents and apparently some tourists stop over each year. Nevada is struggling to maintain online casino profitability and they are an actual state with 3 million residents and many millions of visitors available to play blackjack canada games.

So although Delaware usurps New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming, this perceived lead may soon evaporate as New Jersey, with some 9 million inhabitants, is likely to be able to support and online casino market and industry much better.