Delaware Usurps New Jersey as First State to Allow Online Gaming

Delaware Usurps New Jersey as First State to Allow Online Gaming

The legitimacy of online casino play throughout the world is gradually increasing. Perhaps the country with the most issues regarding online casino play, the USA, has also slowly been coming online. The land-based casino consortiums’ resistances that have effectively managed to keep the online casino competition to a minimum are gradually being overcome. Online casino regulation is being considered in numerous states, and the consensus is that this will gradually increase over time.

One state that has been lobbying consistently for allowing regulated casino gambling is New Jersey. Many people in the USA had expected New Jersey to become the first state to be fully regulated, but in a surprising move Delaware usurps New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming. This took the system unawares, but Delaware rushed the proposals through and managed to make it happen. With regulation being considered in multiple states, the world that has ignored stories of USA states and online gaming is going to have to look again, because this trend looks set to increase.

The Online Casino Conundrum

Now that Delaware usurps New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming, this means that Delaware is the first state to offer full regulated online casino play, apart from poker. This news, on top of it all, comes a full month ahead of the expected New Jersey announcement. Before this stark announcement, the only other state to offer any sort of online gambling was Nevada.

However, if one were to look at the situation carefully, there would really be no need for surprise. Not only has it taken the US states incredibly long to get this process underway, and their legal system laborious enough to make watching paint dry seem like high action by comparison, but Delaware was already the first state to pass any regulation law, even if it was nary a year before the ruling and act became official and things started moving. But finally they did.

Casino Play in the USA

The way things are unfolding in the US with respect to all things political, the rest of the world continues to watch with increasing pity as state governments decide to take a hands-on approach to casino play in their region. The legislation is great news for a casino operator in Delaware as they have been granted basically exclusive rights to casino game provision in the state. The casino 888 Holdings, although a familiar name to casino players from normal countries, is set to be the sole provider of this form of entertainment to Delaware residents.

Critics of the Delaware legislation appeared as soon as Delaware usurped New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming. These critics are not against gambling, but rather more concerned that Delaware is too small and insignificant to sustain online gaming operations. Delaware ranks 45th out of the 50 states in terms of population, and is the state forgotten third most when trying to list all the states, but it does have a million permanent residents and apparently some tourists stop over each year. Nevada is struggling to maintain online casino profitability and they are an actual state with 3 million residents and many millions of visitors available to play blackjack canada games.

So although Delaware usurps New Jersey as first state to allow online gaming, this perceived lead may soon evaporate as New Jersey, with some 9 million inhabitants, is likely to be able to support and online casino market and industry much better.