Fun Children’s Birthday Themes

Throwing a children’s birthday party can be a lot of fun for an adult too, especially if you’ve got a creative streak.

However, when it comes to theme you might feel like you need to stick with the more commercial Disney, Paw Patrol, Frozen or other popular options, but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. There are so many other fun themes that offer plenty of scope for interactive activities, gorgeous décor and food to match.

Take a look at our theme suggestions and see if you feel inspired.


A bright, cheerful theme that can be incorporated in so many ways, rainbows are a great choice. Décor can be as simple or complex as you choose, and you can hang streamers or balloons in different colours, or if you’re feeling crafty you can build a balloon arch.

Rainbow themed activities for the kids can be set up and co-ordinated, and you can ice cup cakes in rainbow colours and set up food platter that features a rainbow line up.

Woodland Folk

If you have a little one that loves woodland creatures you can throw an animal themed party with ease.

You can even use stuffed toys and pop party hats on them as décor, or you can print out pictures of woodland animals you find online to use a décor. Fun activities for kids can include treasure hunts, or even a petting zoo.


Sorry grown ups, we don’t mean bubbly! Bubbles are always a hit with little kids, so why not theme your whole party around them?

Activities are easy as you can simply hand out different bubble wands in varying shapes and sizes, and you can use printables for décor or simply buy blue and white streamers, plates, hats and cups to keep the theme going.

Camp Out Cook Out

You don’t have to have kids over night for a fun camp style cook out party. You can have all the elements, from a fun outdoor areas set up with tents to a fire pit where you cook hot dogs and marshmallows or s’mores.

This kind of party is only really suited to being held outdoors, so you’ll need the weather to play along.


Bingo is all about numbers, and so too are kids birthdays. A great theme for a party, you can incorporate everything you love about Bingo Australia into décor, create big Bingo cards for fun, and even have ball pit that you can decorate to look like a hopper.

Of course the ultimate party game here would be Bingo, but if the kids are too young you can always just award prizes for fun like at

The Circus

Another fabulously colourful theme, the circus is also easy to pull off.  Red and white striped décor to represent the tent, pictures or cut outs of animals and the ringmaster and you’re good to go.

You can let your imagination run wild with activities too, or you can stick to the more classic Pass the Parcel type games.