Put A Pin In It – Top Pinterest Suggested Activities

50 years ago, being trapped inside would have been torture for kids, these days being sent into the great wifi less outdoors would be torture for kids. So now that everything involves being indoor with wifi or having limitless data, how do we entertain our kids without them turning into faux Emo’s (i.e. very pale and skinny but without the eyeliner).

Pinterest, it is my saving grace!  I cannot tell you how much Pinterest has to offer, it is a limitless resource of ideas. (And not just for kid’s games – so much more from home DIY to fashion FYI).

Insert a few search terms into pinterest and you get immediate results, sift through them, pin those that you could get your little Emo’s to do and try not get stuck in the scroll.

So when you need a breather and and are waiting to see if you’ve won big at online betting NZ sites, try out the below suggested activates.

(Hot tip – I set a timer for when I must stop scrolling through Pinterest – otherwise it never ends and I never sleep!)

Here are my top Pinterest suggested activities:

Kids Science Experiments

  • Elephant toothpaste – this science experiment makes a wonderful “explosion” and is great outdoor fun for kids

The ingredients:  Hydrogen peroxide, yeast, soap and Food colouring.

  • DIY Bouncy balls – making these balls with your kids is a great chance to make toys you can use together after

The ingredients: Cornstarch, Food Colouring, Borax, White Liquid Glue and water

–      Fluffy slime – the name says it all, this experiment is literally guaranteed to ensure your kids      have ours of fun

Ingredients: Baking soda, food colouring, Saline solution, White school glue

  • Moon sand – This is a win for both you and the kids, as this sand is easy to clean up! This sand is super quick to make, and keeps kids occupied with the making and with playing with it after making it

Ingredients: Flour and baby oil (and food colouring if you wanted some extra pizzazz)

*remember to always supervise kids when you use any chemicals for these experiments!

Kid’s outdoor games

  • Colour scavenger hunt – This colour coded scavenger hunt gets the kids outside, using a simply made chart (crayons of different colours on white A4 paper). The kids then need to find matching coloured items outside – think leaves or flowers or rocks. This easy to make game keeps your kids occupied in the fresh air for hours.
  • Paper plates ring toss – this is another simple game to make with recycled items from your home and will keep you kids occupied outside. Using paper plates to make rings, and use empty paper towel holders for the ring toss stands.
  • Giant bubbles – kids love bubbles, so giant bubbles would be even more thrilling! Find a easy recipe to make the bubble mixture (water, dish soap, cornstarch, baking powder and glycerine) fill up a little kiddies paddle pool with the bubble mixture, grab a hula hoop and make some giant bubbles – over your kids!

All the in depth instructions and ingredients for these ideas can be found easily on Pinterest when you search for any of these terms.