Indoor Activities For The Active Mind

Indoor Activities For Kids With Active Minds

As parents, we all dread those long, winter days where the kids can’t go outdoors. Especially during school holidays where it feels like they are always underfoot and begging to be entertained “Moooommmm, I booooorrreeeed…..” becomes a phrase that we hear all too often.

Keeping your child active is not important for your sanity, but their growth and progress as well. There are, in fact, a number of activities that can be done indoors with limited space which will engross and amuse for hours on end, leaving you free to do a quick chore or even put your feet up.

Make An Indoor Blizzard

Disclaimer: this activity does require quite a lot of tidying up, which can be worked into the process as a reward system as well.

Playing in the snow is always fun, but not necessarily viable. Create your own indoor snow fun with pretty snowflake patterns. Fold a piece of paper in half, and cut out various patterns that will be mirrored on both sides.

Be sure to supervise any time spend with the scissors, however. Once you have a lot of snowflakes, have fun making snow angels, or build a fort and have a snowball fight.

Cleaning up the small bits of paper can be annoying, but if you turn it into a game all of its own and reward for every piece of paper picked up, it can be both entertaining and fruitful.

Build A Fort

As mentioned in our previous exercise, you can have loads of fun with your little one building a fort. I have many fond memories of couch cushions piled together to create interesting crevasses to throw things from. Forts can be built from a wide range of things. One of the best are couch cushions and chairs, but cardboard boxes work just as well.

Obstacle Courses

This can only really be done if you have enough space, but is incredibly fun and will be sure to tucker out your little one in no time, leaving you plenty of time to play some of the online pokies NZ has to offer!

Everyone loves obstacle courses, to such an extent that adult ones are now the rage all over the planet. Building an obstacle course in your house that leads from room to room is fun from start to finish.

Involve your child in the actual building of the course, which will increase excitement. When the course is built, get them to do it either against each other or if alone against you. You can also time them to see if they can get faster and faster.

Kids activities - Indoor Activities For The Active Mind

Roaming Hide And Seek

This is known in many different countries under many guises, but the premise is the same. Instead of hiding in one place waiting to be discovered, the participants can change their hiding places as often as possible.

You can even add in a home base or flag which they have to get to without being seen. This builds imagination as well as stealth skills and counts toward exercise.

Pen And Pencil Games

Active minds are created early, and one of the things which we simply do not do enough these days is pen and pencil games. Battleship, noughts and crosses and bingo can all be played with two or more players, and templates can be found online with minimal effort.